10-11/12/21: UPMC 8th Radiotherapy Annual Symposium


Information Note under Art. 13, General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR)
UPMC Italy, with registered offices in via Discesa dei Giudici 4, 90133 Palermo, Italy (hereinafter “UPMCI”), and the EP Congressi, with registered offices in Via Posillipo 299, 80123 Napoli (hereinafter “EP Congressi”), here by provide information on the processing of personal data you provided when enrolling to the Symposium to be held in-person and virtually (FAD Webinar) on“Go to Webinar”“Autocontouring, real time tumor tracking, plan adaptation, surface guidance – Impact of new technologies on radiotherapy clinical activities. Experiences in comparison”(hereinafter “Symposium”).
Your personal data and contacts, and information on your profession and your company are collected for purpose of registration. The in-presence event will be recorded, and therefore your image, video, voice could be captured and used.In their capacity of independent data controllers, UPMCI and EP Congressi will process all provided data using software and hard copies to manage activities related to your participation to the Symposium, and to fulfill subsequent legal obligations.
Namely, EP Congressi will process your data for: (i) accreditation to the Symposium, (ii) issue CME credits, (iii) forward personal data to Co.Ge.A.P.S., (iv) CME credit certification, and (v) user satisfaction survey on the provided services, as required by AGENAS, and (vi) management of the FAD Webinar. UPMCI will process your data for any remaining activities related to the organization and management of the Symposium. Data processing complies with the provisions of Art. 6.1-b (Performance of a contract to which the data subject is party), and Art. 6.1-c (Fulfillment of legal requirements) of the Regulation. Failure to provide mandatory data will preclude the issuance of any CME credits. By ticking the appropriate box at the end of this document your personal data will be used by UPMCI and EP Congressi to send or e-mail or surface mail promotional materials on training courses, activities, and/or events organized by UPMCI or EMEC. You can always withdraw the authorization ticking the appropriate box at the end of all e-mails you will receive or contacting UPMC (DPO@upmc.it) and EP Congressi (info@epcongressi.it). Data processing complies with the provisions of Art. 6.1-a of the Regulation.
UPMCI has the right to collect your images (hereinafter "Images") in photo or video format, mainly educational purposes.Your Images may also be posted on UPMCI websites and social media, and published on other digital or printed communication tools. Images may therefore be disclosed both in Italy and abroad, including non-EU countries, which may not guarantee an adequate level of data protection, according to EU regulations. Should you do not wish to be recorded, please inform us upon your registration. If you wish to withdraw your consent to the use of your Images, please e-mail DPO@upmc.it. Data processing complies with the provisions of Art. 6.1-f (Legitimate interests pursued by the controller) of the Regulation.Your personal data will be processed by employees and collaborators of UPMCI and EP Congressi, duly authorized to process data pursuant to Art. 29 of the Regulation, by other service providers involved in the Symposium organization, duly appointed Data Processors, and by competent authorities according to the prescriptions of the Italian law. EP Congressi, in its role of Organizational Secretariat of the Event, has been appointed Data Processor by UPMCI. For further information on the list of appointed Data Processors please contact the Data Controller at: UPMC DPO@upmc.it; EP Congressi (info@epcongressi.it). Your data will be stored for 24 months after your registration to the Symposium. As data subject, in the cases provided for by the Regulation, Data Controllers shall grant you access to your personal data, and allow you to change, integrate, or delete it, or to withdraw the authorization to process it (Articles 15 et seq. of the Regulation). Please submit requests to the Data Controller at the above mentioned address or the Data Protection Officer at DPO@upmc.it for UPMCI and info@epcongressi.it for EP Congressi. If a data subject deems personal data are processed in breach of the Regulation, he/she has the right to file a complaint to the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (Art. 77, Regulation), or to start judicial proceedings (Art. 79, Regulation).