16-17/12/22: UPMC IX Radiotherapy Annual Symposium –


Information Note under Art. 13, General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR)
UPMC Italy S.r.l., with legal office in Via Discesa dei Giudici 4, 90133 Palermo (“UPMCI” below) and the Provider EP Congressi, with legal office in Via Posillipo 299, 80123 Napoli (“EP Congressi” below) give you information regarding the treatment of personal data you have given for the subscription and participation to the Symposium (which will take place in person) named “HYPOTHESIS OF MULTIDISCIPLINARY COLLABORATION IN ONCOLOGICAL DISEASES OF: THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM, CHEST, ABDOMEN AND PELVIS”. (“Event” below).
The subscription’s procedure is based on the collection of your data and contacts, but also of your profession and of the structure in which you belong. UPMCI and EP Congressi will treat the aforesaid data, both with computer based tools and paper written supports, in quality of Autonomous Holders of the treatment, for the management of the activities related to your participation to the Event and for the fulfillment related to law’s obligations.
In particular, EP Congressi will treat data for (i) the Event’s accrediting, (ii) the release of CME credits, (iii) the forward of personal data to Co.Ge. A.P.S., (iv) the certificate of the eventually obtained CME credits, (v) the detection of the satisfaction degree on quality of the provided services, as planned by Agenas; UPMCI will treat the data to provide the remaining activities of organization and Event’s management.
The treatment’s juridic base is represented by art. 6.1.b) of the Rules ( execution of a contract which the person is part of) but also by
art. 6.1.c) of the Rules (fulfillment of law’s obligation). The missing conferment of the data marked as obligatory will exonerate the certification of the eventually obtained CME credits. Furthermore in the case in which you will allow it (by marking the box at the bottom at the present form), your personal data can be used by UPMCI and EP Congressi to send, via e-mail or via mail, promotional material related to formative programs, activities and/or events organized by UPMCI or EP Congressi.
You will be able to contrast the to the aforesaid sending, selecting the specific box at the bottom in each e-mail or by sending a communication to: DPO@UPMCI.it (for UPMCI) or info@epcongressi.it (for EP Congressi).
The juridic base of this treatment is your consent, under art. 6.1.a) of the Rules. Furthermore UPMCI will be able to collect your Pictures, by photoshoots and/or videoclips, (“Pictures” below), to promote formation events.
The Pictures can be diffused on UPMCI’s websites and on social media, but also using other means of digital communication or by paper.
The Pictures can so be diffused in Italy or abroad, even in Countries which don’t belong to the European Union, that may not guarantee adequate levels of protection compared to the European legislation. In the case in which you wish not to be photographed, you must communicate it during the registration.
We inform you, in the end, that in case you will decide to revoke the consent for the use of your Pictures, you will have to send an e-mail to DPO@UPMCI.it.
The juridic base of this treatment is art.6.1.f) of the Rules (pursuit of the holder’s legitimate interest).
Your personal data will be treated by UPMCI and EP Congressi’s employees and staff duly authorized under art. 29 of the Rules, but also by the possible providers of services regarding the Event’s organization, duly nominated responsible for the treatment, other that by competent authorities according to the law’s prescriptions.
In particular, EP Congressi has been nominated by UPMCI as Responsible for the treatment, since it was charged to carry out the mansions of the Event’s secretary organization.
To have information regarding the list of those possibly involved in personal data treatment, you can contact the Holder, writing to: DPO@UPMC.IT (for UPMC) ; info@epcongressi.it (for EP Congressi).
Data will be kept for the 24 months following the registration to the Event. In quality of someone who’s involved, you have the right to obtain by the Holders, when accorded by the rules, the access to personal data, the rectification, the integration, the cancellation of these or the limitation of the treatment or the contrast to this same treatment (artt. 15 e 55 of the Rules).
The request can be presented, without any formalities, by contacting the Holders at the aforesaid contact details (for UPMC by contacting the one responsible for data protection - DPO@UPMC.IT - , for EP Congressi info@epcongressi.it) .
Those who are interested, who consider that personal data’s treatment referred to them happens in violation of what is accorded by the Rules, have, furthermore, the right to suggest a reclaim to the guarantor authority for the protection of personal data, as accorded by art. 77 by the same Rules, or to join the appropriate judicial offices (art. 79 of the Rules).